04 March, 2010

Two-point lanyard how-to

These two-point lanyards are of my own design.  I figured some folks want to know how to tie these lanyards, so I put together a how-to….

You will need the following:
supplies and tools
Two 9’ lengths of gutted paracord
Two Nite-Ize S-Biner size #1 hooks
Sharp knife or scissors
Hemostats (to keep your place)

    cross over cords
    Take your gutted paracord and middle them over one of the S-Biners, ensuring that all the ends are the same length.  Arrange the cords so they cross over each other, forming an “X”. You can tie some floss or a twist-tie around the cords just below the hook to keep the cords in place.

    Double Matthew Walker Knot (MWK)
    The MWK is a “stopper” knot. To tie a MWK, begin with a Wall knot where each strand is passed round over its neighbor and down. Continue passing round the neighbor cords till it crosses thru itself.
    wall knotagainalmost doneMWK tied and
    Once you’ve tied the double MWK, work out the slack of the top loop, so the knot is as close to the hook as possible.  Dress and tighten the knot as tight as possible, leaving the cords the same length. 
    4 Strand Round Braid (plait)
    hang it up
    Next, hang the hook on a sturdy point that can take some pulling.  You will need to pull the cords as you braid them to keep the braid tight.

    cross over the center two of same color
    To start the braid, cross the middle two cords (of the same color). Next, bring the far left cord behind two cords, back around and over one more cord.  Grab the far right cord, come behind two cords, back around and over one more cord.  This may take some getting used to.

    one pass
    Keep doing this pattern of behind two, in front of one until you have 6-7” remaining untied.

    twist tie
    I like to put a twist tie/floss around the end of the braid section, to hold the cords together for the final MWK knot.
    This will be removed after the knot is tied.

    feed thru
    Feed the cords through the last hook in such a way that you end up with an alternating pattern of cords to tie.

    Double Matthew Walker Knot (MWK)
    Once again, tie the MWK knot starting with a Wall knot, and continuing to pass around the neighbors till it crosses itself.
    once twicethrice tight 
    At this point you can remove your twist tie/floss from under the knot.
    Once you get the knot dressed and tightened down firmly, proceed to clipping the tails and melting the ends down to finish the lanyard.
      cut all all finished
    Thanks for checking out this how-to! If you want me to tie one for you, please hit the donate button and let me know!
    all done

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    1. That is very cool! I was searching for a way to make a bulkier paracord dog leash. I will also make a tut on it at http://paracordcentral.org/. See how I did in a couple of days :).