02 March, 2009

"Tatted" Neck Lanyards

Neck Lanyard
Neck Lanyard Neck Lanyard

I had found StormDrane's posting about "Double Tatted chain" bracelets/watchbands, and I figured I could make a neck lanyard using a single-tatting for the neck section, and then finish it with a double-tatted section. The double-tatted section looks good initially, but doesn't hold up well under daily use. It begins to spread the upper section under stress.

The finishes I've used have undergone many variations. I am still looking for one that I like.

IMGP0693Neck LanyardNeck Lanyard

The best one so far has been using single-wall+single-crown, then a tripled (or so) MWK (Matthew Walker Knot) over the looped section. I think this one is the strongest so far, I just need to work on a better way to seal the ends. This version also makes it narrower than the king-cobra stitches I've also tried..


Suggestions welcomed... :)


  1. what kinda knot is this? what braid did u use for these lanyards?

    1. The neck section is simply half-hitches around each other. The closure knots on the top 4-5 examples is just a cobra stitch in one color, then a king cobra over the first with the other color. The large closure knot in the bottom (white/blue) example is a tripled (or quadrupled, I don't remember) Matthew Walker Knot. The MWK is a tricky knot to tie, you can see this link for help with it: http://blog.knottysean.com/2010/03/two-point-lanyard-how-to.html