10 December, 2012

Wrapped eGo PV batteries

I've been vaping for a couple of years now, and thought I would tie some Long Turks Head knots on my batteries. I was inspired by a guy who ties spiral Cobra Stitch knots on batteries with gutted type-2 paracord at a local vape shop for $10. (Thanks Eddie!)

I've attempted to tie these Turks Head knots before, using Stormdranes older tutorial, with little/no success. SD recently made a newer video tutorial that was easier to follow than his previous one.

24 October, 2011

Knotty Sean Shop now open!

For your convenience, I've opened the Knotty Sean Shop.  There isn't much available yet, so check back for new items coming soon!

To get to the shop, click the link at the top of the blog.

29 September, 2011

CES 2012 is approaching...

CES 2012 is in January, and I'm once again offering to tie up some conference badge lanyards!  If you're interested in one, please hit the paypal button to order one.  I'll be selling them for $20 for two colors, and $25 for three colors.
Make sure you put your color selections in the field at checkout, also indicate if you would prefer black or silver NiteIze S-Biners. Shipping is $6 for US orders, if you're outside the US, I'll need to calculate the shipping after purchase.

Update: I realized I made the mistake of only offering these lanyards for CES attendees.  If you want one, order one; regardless of your reason!

Number of Colors:
Hook Color
Colors: (Black/Purple)

25 June, 2011

Announcement: thekruser has Landed!

Hello, my name is thekruser...and I am a knot-aholic. There...the formalities are done.

I suppose I should start by explaining a couple of things. I have always been intrigued with knots. Ask my younger bother and sister! I used to tie them up when we were kids. Before you start judging me, no...I was not some sort of serial-killer in training, I was just an older brother who liked to torment his younger siblings. Jeez. Like you were any different.

I have been tying knots for as long as I can remember; however, all of the knots I knew and tied were for function. It wasn't until about a year or so ago that I started making things with rope. One day, I saw a friend of mine thank some guy on twitter for making him a lanyard for his name tag for a certain convention that I wanted to go to. I decided to check it out.

What I found was an intricately woven series of knots (well, more of a weave) that formed a lanyard. I wanted one. So, I contacted the guy about making me one. After a few exchanges, I decided I would try to learn how to make one, just to see if I could do it. The guy agreed to help me. As I learned, a new passion emerged. I was hooked. I have been making things with rope (mainly paracord) ever since.

So, who was the guy? You guessed it...Knotty Sean. Without his help, I never would have gotten started. I can honestly say that it is because of him that I make things today. Thanks for your help, Sean!

Recently, Sean asked me if I would like to post things I have made to his blog. How could I say no? After all, he got me started!

From time to time, I will post my creations with as many detailed "how-to" instructions as I can. However, sometimes I just kind of goof around and something comes out of it, like the piece above. I make no guarantees, but I will try to explain as much as I can as often as I can.

I hope you enjoy!!

20 June, 2011

King Cobra Dog Collar

My sister's boyfriend wanted me to tie him a collar for his pitbull Wedo.  Wedo is a 4 month old pit who outgrew his little leather collar and needed something a little tougher looking.  I had initially wanted to do a "Wide Solomon Bar" since it would finish out fairly wide.  I got about 5" of it finished, before I scrapped it and started over.  I didn't see the finished product holding up to daily pitbull abuse.  I decided to go with the classic King Cobra/Doubled Solomon Bar for the collar.  Recalling issues getting the sizing right when making bracelets for friends/customers, I decided to do the collar in two knotted pieces.  One large section and one shorter section that can be cut off and retied longer if needed. Unfortunately, I didn't take pictures of the process, but I plan to make another soon, so I'll do process pics then.  Overall completed length: approx 9-10" (I'll measure it when I think about it later.)


  1. "Long" section: 
    1. 15' of black 550
    2. 17' of red 550
  2. "Short" section:
    1. 5' of black 550
    2. 6' of red 550
  3. 1x 1" side-release buckle
  4. 1x 1" steel ring

01 June, 2011

Getting back into this thing

Ok folks, after a loooooooong absence from this blog, I'm finally going to try and start this thing back up. I started tying knots again, so now looks like as good time as any to get the word out.  Stay tuned for some new stuff, and I'm thinking about trying to start making some vids on how to tie some of my more popular items. Sound off in the comments if that sounds like something ya'll would like to see, and I'll see what I can put together.  

03 May, 2010

WES2010 is over...

DSCN1161I wanted to thank all of the people who purchased a lanyard from me to use at WES this year.  I was satisfied with the number of them I saw walking around at WES, but I would love to see more next year!  I had lots of people ask me at the conference if I brought more to buy, and unfortunately I did not.  I will start tying them now for next year, but due to the demand on my personal time, I’m going to be charging more than cost.  I’ll start the prices out at $15 for individual orders, and will consider bulk purchase discounts for vendors or people who want to wear one a day  (matty).  I will adjust the price based on demand (or lack thereof).  

Thanks everyone for a great WES 2010!!!

# Colors
What colors?

16 April, 2010

Pricing Update and Tri-Color offer

Due to the fact that WES2010 is only a week away, I am raising the price of the lanyards to $20.  I have plenty of work to do to prepare for WES, and it makes it hard to tie lanyards.  If you think this is ludicrous, then check my previous post for a how-to on how to tie one yourself.  :)
After the Conference, I will keep the price at $20 indefinitely.  The $9 price was a WES conference special price!

I want a cookie!
Also, I figured out how to tie a 3 color lanyard. so if you want one with 3, I can hook you up. (thanks BBQueen!)

I hope to see you all at WES, and I will bring some cord along to maybe tie one onsite, if there is time!

Thanks everyone!

04 March, 2010

Two-point lanyard how-to

These two-point lanyards are of my own design.  I figured some folks want to know how to tie these lanyards, so I put together a how-to….

You will need the following:
supplies and tools
Two 9’ lengths of gutted paracord
Two Nite-Ize S-Biner size #1 hooks
Sharp knife or scissors
Hemostats (to keep your place)

    cross over cords
    Take your gutted paracord and middle them over one of the S-Biners, ensuring that all the ends are the same length.  Arrange the cords so they cross over each other, forming an “X”. You can tie some floss or a twist-tie around the cords just below the hook to keep the cords in place.

    Double Matthew Walker Knot (MWK)
    The MWK is a “stopper” knot. To tie a MWK, begin with a Wall knot where each strand is passed round over its neighbor and down. Continue passing round the neighbor cords till it crosses thru itself.
    wall knotagainalmost doneMWK tied and
    Once you’ve tied the double MWK, work out the slack of the top loop, so the knot is as close to the hook as possible.  Dress and tighten the knot as tight as possible, leaving the cords the same length. 
    4 Strand Round Braid (plait)
    hang it up
    Next, hang the hook on a sturdy point that can take some pulling.  You will need to pull the cords as you braid them to keep the braid tight.

    cross over the center two of same color
    To start the braid, cross the middle two cords (of the same color). Next, bring the far left cord behind two cords, back around and over one more cord.  Grab the far right cord, come behind two cords, back around and over one more cord.  This may take some getting used to.

    one pass
    Keep doing this pattern of behind two, in front of one until you have 6-7” remaining untied.

    twist tie
    I like to put a twist tie/floss around the end of the braid section, to hold the cords together for the final MWK knot.
    This will be removed after the knot is tied.

    feed thru
    Feed the cords through the last hook in such a way that you end up with an alternating pattern of cords to tie.

    Double Matthew Walker Knot (MWK)
    Once again, tie the MWK knot starting with a Wall knot, and continuing to pass around the neighbors till it crosses itself.
    once twicethrice tight 
    At this point you can remove your twist tie/floss from under the knot.
    Once you get the knot dressed and tightened down firmly, proceed to clipping the tails and melting the ends down to finish the lanyard.
      cut all all finished
    Thanks for checking out this how-to! If you want me to tie one for you, please hit the donate button and let me know!
    all done

    16 February, 2010

    Good news, bad news…

    IMGP0009-1I just wanted to thank everyone for the donations and the attention I’ve been getting regarding my #WES2010 lanyards!  I never imagined they would become this popular!  Today I received my first corporate order for a vendor who will have a booth at WES this year. (Thanks Andrea!)  I’ve ordered the colors they want, and will get started on tying the 6 custom lanyards as soon as I can.  Some folks,*cough* @drm2blv *cough*, have even gone and ordered several for themselves, and aren’t even going to WES! 

    Unfortunately, due to receiving so many requests, I’m going to have to bump the donation amount up to $9 each.  This is still a far cry from what I would typically price one of these one-of-a-kind lanyards.  I just need to recoup a little more for materials than I originally anticipated.  Hopefully no one is deterred by this increase, and will continue to request my work.  I love tying knots and whatnot, and have no trouble fulfilling the orders placed. 

    Anyways, thanks again for the visit!

    Here are some of the colors to pick from, if you would like to place an order:

    10 February, 2010

    WES2010 Lanyards (Cont.)

    Hey guys, just wanted to post a quick update. I have gotten 10 lanyards completed, for those who wanted them. I snapped a few pics and thought I'd let everyone see how they are look!

    When I first started these, I was just middling the cords and starting into the round braid, and finishing with a Matthew Walker Knot (MWK).  I figured out that if I tie a MWK at the beginning, then finish with the MWK, the lanyard will look more symmetrical. My OCD likes this... :)

    After tying the final MWK, I trim the excess cord off, and melt the ends into the base of the knot.  This makes the knot more permanent, and is quite secure.

    Yes, I realize my business card has been blurred, but I only wanted it in frame for scale, not so teh inturnets can hassle me at work. :)  If you need to contact me, find me on twitter @sean_armstrong.

    If you want one of these, I'm still accepting orders!  They are only $6(+shipping if you aren't going to WES2010 to meet me) and I'll be raising the price after WES is over, April 29th. Get yours ordered now!

    (The ideas and opinions expressed on this blog are not the those of Dell/Perot Systems, but my own.)

    05 February, 2010

    WES 2010 Lanyards

    Here is something new I'm trying out for my WES friends this year. If you want one of these fun lanyards to spice up your WES conference this year, I can whip one up! I have many different colors to pick from, and they will all have Nite-Ize #1 S-Biner's included, to attach the badges. I am accepting $6 donations thru paypal, to recover the cost of the materials. Just click the button at the bottom of this post, and give me your Name, BlackBerry PIN (for contact), and the colors you want.

    For those interested, it begins and ends with a Matthew Walker Knot, and is a 4-plait round braid neck section. :)

    (This one I made for Howie (HDawg) of Port3101.org)

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